Ice Vending Franchise  “ICE Rebus”  uses long term experience recived on the market of Ice Vending machines  and packaged ice industry  , we have growing network of ice vending machines that we handel efficently with our franchise owners.
These ice vending machines bring profit with minimum field cost of maintnance , usage of ice maker capacity is 100% as we choose perfect locations that we know will bring you easy business.
REBUS Ice vending machines are atractive with their appearance and they are a marketing for them selfs when they are spoted on the street.
Rain , Storms , Snow will not effect the appearance and functions of your machine.
Your costs of preparing the location for the ice vending  machine are minimum, you just need to connect the machine to water and electricity.

Business concept and all ice vending business knowlage  and  supply  you get from our franchise handeling team.
Rebus ice vending machine is revolutionary self service machine that provides fresh purified ice 24 hours a day
It is completly self operational it means it produces, storages and sells ice

Ice Vending Franchise will help you manage your Ice vending business in effective and easy way, with our support and know how success is mater of time.

Ice Vending as industry is in its growing phase and it is taking  a big part of ice consumation from the market.  Company Rebus with its growing  ice vending franchise network ICE Rebus is taking a global piece of consumable ice market.


  • Recognition in the market
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Branding
  • Protection from Competition

ice vending franchise

Ice Vending franchise

Our managment with our experience and expertise will allow you to set up ICE VENDING BUSINESS in your microlocation. We will give you an insight on how to set network of ICE VENDING MACHINES, in a city or a region that you are inrterested in with our REBUS franchise.
With the franchise we are giving you KNOW HOW solutions for profitable business, help in choosing and seting up the location, supplying with necesities, bags, filters ecc.
We can help you set up profitable business in you region in very short period of time.

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