Smart managment system future of contrloing your network of ice vending machines.

Our Smart managment system is conected with you mobile phone and to your server on internet. Smart managment system gives you just in time information about your ice vending machines. Sales statistcis report of time and number of sales.

System gives you an automatic alarm if your vending machine is out of bags or if your power on location is out.
Our system controls many number of ice vending machine at the same time and is a step forward in ice vending industry.
With eRebus you control all features of your machine with smartphone or computer. Your ice vending machine is secure and alarm protected . If any part of your machine has a problem the system will alert you asap.
eRebus not onlčy gives you info and statistics from your ice vending machine , it allows you to remotly control you ice vending machines.

With eRebus you can: 

  • Dispense ice remotly
  • Restart you coin and bill acceptor
  • Restart entire machine
  • Turn off your machine
  • Return cash

This allows our ice vending operators to control many number of machines with less people. This give any ice vending operator managment from far away locations with out need to go there for a small issue with the machine.