Company Rebus is professional manufacturer of specialized machinery and packaged ice. Company has specialized manufacturing of vending machines and packaged ice as well. In fact, we started the packaged ice business in Croatia and through our network of distributors that sell our packaged ice we introduced ice to people in the best way. Our availability and continuous effort to satisfy customer needs resulted in huge success of our business leading to recognition of our Rebus led-IceRebus brand as brand that stands for quality and reliability.

Therefore we are always looking for new partners that will represent our product in their own local markets.

Nowadays we cover whole Croatia with our packaged ice having three main distributor centers in Split, Zagreb and Rijeka. With this centers and numerous vehicles constantly on the road we are covering large area delivering ice on time for our partners and customers.

After we produced over 30t /24 hours of packed ice we  realized the ice potential  and we started developing Ice vending machines so we can be even closer to our customers 0-24h. Ice vending machines were developed and manufactured in our new facilities in Croatia that are specialized in manufacturing state of the art machinery. Our ice vending machine CRO 450 has revolutionized ICE business in Europe as it supplies fresh purified ice 0-24 hours a day.

Day after day we are developing new aspects on how to make the machines perform better, with our growing network we are offering full  business solutions.

Our satisfied network of customers is growing with each season because with our machines and our dedication to business we are satisfying market demand globally. Our ICE Rebus franchise is backed up with our own network of machines that work all year long with profitable results even in winter time.

Ice vending machines allowed our company to make a global  leap in to worldwide ice vending business. We are dedicated in to expanding our dealership network and making our partners stronger in global market.

Ice vending

The company is partitioned into two parts:

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